Urban stormwater research technology transfer and training

 Opportunities and resources in education, training and outreach

  • The Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series brings exemplars of advanced stormwater innovation and knowledge to Minnesota to share what they’ve learned and how they’ve pushed the boundaries in the stormwater arena. The monthly seminar series is dedicated to stormwater and green infrastructure topics with an emphasis on successes and lessons learned from field implementation and applied research and evaluation, specifically for an audience of stormwater practitioners and professionals. Each event includes a presentation, panel discussion and Q&A with participants.
  • The Clean Sweep Program was developed in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to assist MS4s and local communities in implementing and enhancing their own street sweeping programs to help meet water quality goals.
  • The Erosion and Stormwater Management Certification Program provides comprehensive construction stormwater training for project managers, contractors, inspectors, and designers in the construction industry. This program was created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to provide certification to Minnesota Department of Transportation employees and contractors. Since its creation in 2002, the program has grown to provide training on many aspects of water regulations, including construction, municipal separate storm sewer system, and industrial stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulations.
  • The stormwater practices and maintenance core course was developed to provide a uniform, publicly available, research-based stormwater core curriculum for stormwater managers and educators. Participants build comprehension of the fundamentals of stormwater management, stormwater practices and maintenance processes. Additionally, course attendees develop understanding and skills that support communicating the importance of stormwater management to community stakeholders.​​​​