John Bilotta

Headshot of John Bilotta.
Senior Researcher
Extension Coordinator
193 McNeal Hall
Contact me for help with:
  • Urban stormwater research project proposals and funding opportunities
  • Urban stormwater practices, management and policy
  • Education and training opportunities around urban stormwater management
  • The Watershed Game - an interactive teaching simulation revolving around land use, watershed management, water quality, and community resilience to flooding.


John Bilotta is the Senior Research and Extension Coordinator with the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center where he leads the Minnesota Stormwater Research and Technology Transfer Program including leading the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council. His efforts focus on directing and coordinating a comprehensive research portfolio of projects that seek answers to questions around urban stormwater management practices and policies. John is also an Extension Educator with the Minnesota Sea Grant Program co-leading the Watershed Game Program; an interactive, educational tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water quality. He also co-leads the Sea Grant Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Community of Practice. Prior to joining the Center, John worked for more than 21 years as an Extension Educator in Water Resource Management and Policy through a joint Extension Educator appointment with Minnesota Extension and Sea Grant. John also worked more than six years in other public and private capacities in soil and water resource management. John has a BA in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources with an emphasis in Soil Resources and M.S. in Soil Science with a focus on Fertility and Nutrient Management.