Diversity and Inclusion

An integral part of our mission at the Water Resources Center is to advance the science of water for all Minnesotans. 

Water, having shaped the landscape and biosphere, is also interdependent with culture and ways of knowing. This is reflected in the significance of water in our state -- the name Minnesota heralds from the Dakota language: Mnisota, "clear water", and Mnißota, "cloudy water".

We at the Water Resources Center acknowledge that our work cannot excel unless we foster the wide variety of aquatic relationships, narratives, and knowledges, and therefore, the wide diversity of Minnesotans.

We are dedicated to aligning our work with the true diversity of Minnesotans, addressing inclusivity as we strive to diversify our staff, stakeholders, and perspectives.

We champion thoughtful and open communication as all people are valuable, deserving of respect and consideration. We are committed to confronting biases, conscious and unconscious, and enhancing accommodations for the differently abled.

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U of M Resources

University of Minnesota Office of Equity and Diversity leverages the transformative power of equity and diversity to advance excellence in teaching, research and community engagement at the University of Minnesota. 

The CFANS Office for Inclusive Excellence (OIE) is dedicated to offering collegewide leadership and guidance to advance our collective commitment to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive CFANS community. OIE provides resources to help shape inclusive academic and working environments in CFANS.

CFANS Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS), is an opportunity for students that identify themselves within the BIPOC community and first generation to come together in unity to develop their leadership skills.

Graduate School Diversity Office supports and enhances graduate education by serving in an advisory capacity, leading initiatives, and collaborating across the University of Minnesota system.

University of Minnesota Disability Resource Center works in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus. 

University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center offers informal conflict resolution services to resolve students' university-based problems and concerns. Ombuds can provide confidential, impartial, and informal options.

Mental Health Services Boynton Clinics provides mental health services to University of Minnesota Twin Cities students. Services include individual therapy, couples therapy, urgent/crisis consultation, ADD/ADHD treatment, and emotional support animals.

Towards Recognition and University-Tribal Healing (TRUTH) is a strategic analysis of the Morrill land grab in Minnesota by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs & Resilient Communities Project.

U of M Pride: The University of Minnesota offers advocacy and support for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff, and community members, including world-renowned academic and research opportunities; open and inclusive spaces; transgender-affirming health care; and events featuring local and national LGBTQIA+ luminaries.