Retrofitting existing SCMs to enter the nutrient trading market

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 10 – 12 p.m.

Stormwater retrofits are becoming more frequent in jurisdictions across the United States to meet a variety of goals. In North Carolina, where particular estuaries are nutrient-sensitive, a nutrient trading market has formed. In lieu of constructing new SCMs (which require space/land to be found and paid for), NC State is exploring cost-effective retrofits to existing SCMs to remove additional nutrients. Additionally removed nutrients can be quantified and then sold on the market. Retrofits such as floating wetland islands (on wet ponds), converting dry detention to constructed stormwater wetlands, and the addition of internal water storage to older bioretention will be discussed.

Event Speaker
photo of bill

Dr. William (Bill) Hunt functions as the leader of the Stormwater Engineering Group, with a focus on Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure. He has co-authored more than 130 peer-refereed journal articles, two books, and many extension publications. With his team, he has designed and/or monitored more than 250 stormwater control measures. Every year he conducts 20-25 workshops in North Carolina, the US, and abroad. Bill teaches a variety of classes including: Introduction to Engineering (E101), Grand Challenges of Engineering (E102), Ecological Engineering (BAE474), and Design of Stormwater Control Measures (BAE 575). Dr. Hunt’s newest endeavor is a study abroad course entitled: Engineering in the Roman Times (BAE 495). From Bill: I love people and sharing a good laugh. Wolfpack sports are both a blessing and a bane, but such is life for a fan of the underdog. Traveling and my five kids bring me my greatest joys in life.