Temporal dynamics of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in raw and treated stormwater

Stormwater is considered as an alternative water source for both potable and non-potable uses. However, stormwater has not been widely used as an alternative water source, most likely due to a lack of knowledge about the presence and risks associated with pathogens and antibiotic resistant bacteria present in raw and treated stormwater. 

The proposed study will analyze temporal dynamics of various pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes (ARG) in raw and treated stormwater samples, by using a high-throughput pathogen and ARG quantification tool. Pathogen and ARG removal efficiencies during stormwater reclamation processes will be also calculated. In addition, correlations between pathogen/ARG levels and environmental parameters such as temperature and precipitation will be analyzed. With this analysis, we will be able to assess the impact of precipitation and other environmental variables on pathogen/ARG concentrations in stormwater.

This study will significantly advance our understandings in:

  1. How pathogens and ARGs occur in Minnesota stormwater
  2. How well these contaminants can be removed during the stormwater reclamation processes

This study will help stormwater practitioners and managers better manage their stormwater reuse systems, and will contribute to the establishment of safe and efficient reuse of Minnesota’s stormwater.

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