Draft stormwater geospatial data standard: Pilot and proof-of-concept

The specific objective of the proof of concept effort is the acquisition and translation of a multi-city sample dataset (three to five cities) within the Twin Cities metro area into the new forthcoming prototype Stormwater Geodata Transfer Standard being developed by a public-private collaborative led by MetroGIS. The specific project focuses on data acquisition from existing municipal, county and private sources, translation into the forthcoming standard as well as field checking and ground truthing for completeness.

Once created, this sample dataset would be published out to the entire geospatial, planning, engineering and water quality stakeholder community in Minnesota to test, critique, comment, review and provide feedback. All feedback collected will be documented and used to refine, enhance and improve the forthcoming data transfer standard to meet the business needs of the stakeholder community. The sample dataset for testing is anticipated to be ready by mid to late summer in 2019.

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