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Invasive Plants Management

2008 Presentations

Introduction to terrestrial invasive plants management

Identification of terrestrial invasive plants

Management for prevention and early detection

Invasive species policy for land managers

Introduction to invasive plants control and prevention methods

Writing invasive species management plans

Field trip to Hartley Nature Center

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This 1 ½ day introductory course is part of the Minnesota Invasive Species Conference. Learn to integrate an invasive species management plan into conservation plans for uplands such as for mid-contract management of CRP land, shelterbelts, wetland restoration, roadside management, or as part of Cooperative Weed Management Area planning. The agenda will cover physiology and ecology of major invasive species, tools for species identification, preventing invasion, federal and state guidelines and requirements, management tools and options as they relate to species physiology, how to prepare a management plan, and a field trip to view and discuss management practices. Instructors will be invasive species specialists from the University of Minnesota, state and federal agencies, and local government units. In addition to this introductory course, participants will have the benefit of conference exhibitors, technical presentations, and networking opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

This training will benefit individuals who provide terrestrial invasive species management advice to private land owners or help write invasive species management plans. The course is designed for local professionals including NRCS and SWCD employees, Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) managers, county and regional park managers, county ag inspectors, MNDOT employees, and private consultants, such as prairie restoration specialists.


There are no pre-requisites.


CCA Continuing Education Credits will be available.