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VSMP publishes stream monitoring guide

The Volunteer Stream Monitoring Partnership (VSMP) has published a 100-page guide to volunteer stream monitoring for volunteers and volunteer leaders.

The Guide to Volunteer Stream Monitoring, compiled and edited by Mary Gullickson and Barb Liukkonen of the Water Resources Center, is designed to describe monitoring activities at three levels: an introductory level (Frog), an intermediate level (Stonefly), and a master level (Kingfisher). These levels and their accompanying activity sheets are color-coded for easy use. Within each level, activities are further subdivided into three categories of monitoring purpose: Awareness & Education, Continuous Record, and Problem Investigation. Volunteers can choose monitoring activities that suit both their level of experience and their purpose for monitoring.

The Guide contains a Monitoring Matrix so that readers can see easily the activities in the document, as well as the appropriate experience level and monitoring purpose for each activity. Activities range from measuring stream water levels (an introductory Frog-level activity) to event-based sampling for nutrients or bacteria (a master Kingfisher-level activity).

Copies of the Guide are available from VSMP for $10 (includes shipping and handling). To order, contact Mary Gullickson at 612-625-6781 or gulli021@umn.edu.